Jasper Wong NFTs Sell Out in 10 Seconds

From Hawaii Bulletin:

Renowned Hawaii artist Jasper Wong, perhaps best known for bringing bold, colorful art to the drab industrial walls of Kakaako, is now finding spectacular success in the world of virtual, digital collectibles. On Sunday, he and his collaborators launched — or “minted” — FOMO MOFOS on the Opensea NFT marketplace. All 8,008 unique characters sold out in ten seconds. In one day, the collection saw trading volume of roughly $8 million.

Jasper said:

I spent a good chunk of my life trying to support art, trying to find a way to provide platforms and raise them up through all these festivals I’ve been doing for the past decade. For the longest time being an artist was always hard. We’re always trying to make it as an artist, and we’re always told that we couldn’t.

Jasper said FOMO MOFO, and the broader NFT community, has “really touched me, touched my heart, and it means everything.”

Read the full article here.

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