‘Crypto 101’ meetup fills Kahala coworking space

The voracious appetite for crypto information and insights mixed with pent-up demand for in-person meetups led to a full house at Treehouse Coworking in Kahaia for a “Crypto 101” meetup and panel presentation.

“We are collaborating with some of Hawaii’s best Crypto investors to bring you “Crypto 101”. This event is designed to help you understand cryptocurrencies and teach you how to get started investing. Come, learn, and ask your crypto questions to professionals who have been there and done that.”Speakers were:

Daniel Molina:

Daniel Molina has owned a Marketing agency for 17 years. They help companies with marketing budgets of $100,000 – $1 Million in annual marketing spend. Red Palm Studios specializes digital marketing, from Google ads, SEO, SEM, social media, website development, branding and more. Having a heart of entrepreneurship, Daniel has owned a clothing line, coffee shop, and a MMA gym. He is passionate about helping companies and individuals reach their goals. Daniel also created an app on the Apple App Store called the Glamper. They are about to start Marketing this app this year. He has 7 children with his wife of 22 years of marriage. Daniel has been in the crypto space since 2017 and has grown his knowledge in blockchain technology over the years. Investing in crypto maximizing ways for fast ROl and gaining prophets is one of the areas he is passionate about. He is currently working on two NFT projects and a company launching in the crypto space.

Alika Kane:

Alika Kane was born and raised in Kaneohe, a graduate of St. Louis High School. In 2017, he learned about Bitcoin and, shortly thereafter, started to invest in it. From there he slowly began his journey “down the rabbit hole” into what money is and the overarching forces that play on our economy. Through his constant interaction with the crypto space, he discovered the possibilities that crypto presented and, more importantly, how it could help towards the betterment of the lives of locals here in Hawaii. Alika serves as the advisor, co-contributor, and coordinator for, a website dedicated to spreading awareness and helping local residents navigate the ever-changing world of crypto. Alika holds professional certificates in fintech and blockchain from the Wharton University along with a certification in Google Analytics.

Liya Safina:

Liya Safina is a digital product design director and strategist living in Hawaii. She has helped launch over 75+ startups, designed 12+ iOS apps, led design projects for Coinbase Pro, Google, Nike, Alibaba, Toyota, StreetEasy, Hinge, Bumble, Brandless, ASICS, Equinox and Sotheby’s, as well as created projects for LeBron James, Bob Dylan and Pharrell Williams. Most recently Liya has worked on an upcoming NFT marketplace in London, as well as led use testing and design sprints for Coinbase Pro platform. She has been quoted by media publications including CBS News, The Future Laboratory UK, Adobe Magazine and Strelka Magazine, as well as presented insight-packed keynotes at events across Europe, Russia, America, the Pacific and for clients such as Sotheby’s, Pernod Ricard, Nike and Google.

Sean Cover:

Sean Cover is a finance and accounting professional with a passion for the history of money and monetary systems. He started the Honolulu Crypto Meetup group in December 2020 and has been working to help grow the local crypto community. He is the author of the book The Story of Money: The Journey From Shells and Shekels to Bills and Bitcoin and has created several other educational materials related to money, finance, and crypto.

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